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Coast to Coast

I'm currently on a coast to coast bicycle trip beginning in Olympia, WA.  

Mule Days 2013

Photos were made available for Mule Days 2013 during and after the event.  Shortly after images were catagorized and uploaded to a photography service called Photoshelter for a duration of three months.  After orders subsided the site was shut down to maximize profitability.

HITS Thermal Desert Circuit

I'm sad that the Desert Circuit is coming to an end because I've finally found a way to enjoy myself. I was becoming very frustrated with working the horse shows but after quitting one job and taking a position as the Official CWD Photographer, I'm really enjoying the people and the sport.

It's Go(Pro) Time

I just got my first GoPro Hero 3 Black edition camera last night from Best Buy and I've posted my first GoPro video to YouTube for all to see.  This first video is nothing special, I'm just fooling around with my new toy to determine how far I can push it.

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